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Hey Folks!

C'mon in. Welcome to the LEGENDARY TEXAS corral. There is a lot to see and do here so why don't you pull up a chunk and sit by the fire and I'll tell you about it. 


LEGENDARY TEXAS is both a destination in itself and a route by which you can reach other destinations. For instance, if you stop by on a regular basis you will find that every month there is a new story about a person, place, thing or action that either had a part in Texas history or in some way illustrated the spirit of Texas. To read this month’s story, go to the HITCHING POST.

If you are a teacher and want some ideas about how you might incorporate the story into your classroom activities, go to the TEACHERS' CORNER. There you will find one or more activities relating the story to the “Essential Elements” of the education system. You will also find brief reviews of books or other resources that relate to the topic. The SHADE TREE section is online where teachers can share their own experiences about use of the stories in their classrooms.

If one story a month is not enough for you, go to the SUTLER'S STORE where you can buy books and other teaching aids for entertainment, use in the classroom or to decorate the walls of your bunkhouse.

First off...c'mon over and read a little about how I got here.


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