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For July:

The Cannonball Escape Caper

For June:

Boll Weevels and Stud Ducks

For May:

Many Dozen Bakers

For April:

Rules Of Common Prudence

For March:

The Most Hated Man In Galveston

For February:

The Forgotten Capital

Be Not Alarmed

For January:

The Floating Capital

Confessions Of A Bridge Dodger

For December:

Pilgrim's Progress

The Saga of "El Trenecito" And The Sailing Flatcar

For November:

B. Tyler Henry's Rifle

Runaway At "High Windy"

For October:

It Started With A Pocketknife

Legendary Limbs

For September:

Doctor! Doctor!

Prairie Picnic

For August:

Murphy's Wagon

For July:

Long Legs vs. Continental Congress



The Screaming Woodpile



Atomic Web Katz