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Jeff Carroll, professor of history and radio personality, tells legendary stories about real people,
places and things from Texas history, gives background on the stories and tips for teachers.

LEGENDARY TEXAS  has added a new component to its offerings. 

Jeff Carroll, originator and writer of the popular radio programs heard statewide and the author of seven books on Texas history, began his career as the first “Interpretive Forester” in the National Forests of the southeastern United States in 1962.  As both a Registered Forester and a historian, his job was to research and interpret for the public the value of natural, historical and cultural resources of the region.  For 20 years he developed multi-media presentations in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, North Carolina and Texas.  His last five years with the Forest Service were in the Washington office where he was the coordinator of five national and international education programs.

He began his “second life” with the creation of  Legendary Texas as a newspaper column in 1984 and, in 1991, began teaching Texas History and Cultural Anthropology at Blinn College.  Although he is now “officially retired”, he still teaches part-time at Blinn in Bryan, Texas.  This semi-retired status gives him the opportunity to return to his roots as a consultant in research and interpretation.

Services offered include:
            Historical land research
            Local cultural research
            Land use planning based on the above
            Assistance in incorporating history and culture into the classroom and for the public
            Interpretive and design activities for museums, camps, etc.
            Interpretive presentations for organizations and schools, etc.

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Updated April 14, 2021

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